Dr. Marsha Davis Chism, Founder


Grief Recovery Specialist

About Us

AMK Grief Recovery Care was founded in January 2006. The AMK derives from 100 years of African American heritage and wisdom, evolving from 100 year old great aunt, Adell Puckett passing the baton to her fifty (50) younger niece – Marsha Davis Chism, who will pass the baton to her 50 year younger great niece – Kindall Brown.
A personal experience of loss, and the need to heal emotionally was the driving force behind the creation of AMK Grief Recovery Care. During the research phase, it was discovered that in times of grief, whether it was a tragedy at school, office, death, church or personal loss, African American grief counselors were few and far between – if they existed at all. People are most likely to interact with people who look like them, and have a sense of connection.

AMK uses the concept of Holistic grief recovery. This healing concept encompasses the combination of spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical, and social attributes in grief consultation.


Services provided by AMK include, one-on-one consultation, group sessions, seminars, workshops, and leadership training on grief recovery procedures. Various care giving professionals such as: clergy, chaplains, hospices, and suicide prevention specialists will service as panelists for workshops and seminars. Topics include how to be supportive during grief, preparation for disasters, and how to transition through periods of distress. In addition, AMK provides a 7-week group recovery session based on the philosophy of the grief recovery institute specializing in emotional care.

Materials used for these services are the Kings James Bible, Grief Recovery Method handbook, Griefshare hand-book and various other researched resources on grief. The goal of the program is to provide people experiencing grief an opportunity to learn from others how to keep moving forward. Participants should gain an understanding of how counsel, networking and sharing their experiences will aid other in their healing process.

Program fees are based on the services provided. Payment can be rendered through paypal or cash.